Student Life

In Aoi Pui School, we design our classrooms to be equipped with a high teacher ratio. This allows us  the  flexibility  to  adapt  to  various  sizes  and  groupings  of  students,  as  well  as  for  different subjects and curricula, so that all students receive the right intensity and needs for attention. The high teacher ratio also enables us to match student’s progress flexibly with level of support from teachers,  and form  an  alignment  with the  IEP goals. Student’s  learning  progress  is  evaluated  by our scientific data collection method. Tracking forms, video collections and pull out teaching are utilized to record student’s progress accurately and make necessary refinements. For purposes of generalizing  skills  into  home  and  community  environment,  lessons  are layered  so  that  the  end goal  skills  are  shown  outside  the  classroom,  variety  of  materials  are  used  to  ensure  learning  is not just in a particular lesson.

Extra-curricular Activities

We provide a wide range of individual or group activities so that students can develop their strengths outside school hours. Extracurricular and supplementary topics include Cookery &  Cuisine, Dance & Music, Advanced Art Studies, Sports & Group Games etc.


Community training is an integral part of our curriculum, we supplement teaching in monthly outings so that students can learn about the social skills through different channels in different environments.