Principal's Welcome

I am blessed to be part of the Aoi Pui School, a school that is built upon components that ensure the students come first, and that teaching and learning is quantified to reflect students’ learning and progress. From the setup of the classrooms, design of the curriculum, teacher recruitment & training to the student admission, all elements are calculated and geared to ensure students get enough attention and learning opportunities. We customize our education plans based on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in order to assure that the programs are reviewed and adjusted to the individual student’s learning abilities and their progress are well documented and reported to parents. We believe in the bonding between teachers and students and our teaching focuses on empowerment and development of students strengths rather than teaching from an one curriculum fits all set up. I am glad to have the flexibility and autonomy in staff recruitment, curriculum and classroom design to make each teaching moment meaningful and effective. It is also in the heart of every teacher in this school to help students uncover their potentials and strengths.

Abbie Chan | Principal