Our Staff

The biggest asset at APS is our amazing team of staff, all employed by Autism Partnership Foundation Limited. We adopt a highly selective hiring process and most of our senior staff have been working at APS since its inception in 2007. Prior to their service, they have to undergo an intensive training (160 hours) of Applied Behavior Analysis and receive over 450 hours of supervision in their first year.

Our registered teachers are unique in that they are Therapists first, Teachers second. This is highly beneficial to our students as all our teaching staff are able to teach skills in speech, emotional management, social skills, play, leisure and other autism related areas all times throughout the teaching hours in replacement of the traditional pull out therapy service.

Every classroom is led by a senior teacher who has been appointed through our skills based performance evaluation. In addition, each class is supervised by Case Supervisor who oversees the staff to ensure the effectiveness of teaching and therapy.